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This weekend, the lovely and amazing Garrett put together an IndieWeb camp for two days, for free, in Oxford! He posted about it here: Day 1, and Day 2.

After hearing about it through Garrett a few months back, just before an amazing talk at Oxford Geek Nights by Jeremy Keith, I thought:

This is cool, but… how… how does it???

How does it though?

It just does. I mean, I’m really not a bastion of knowledge on anything, and frankly I don’t know why you’re reading this (unless you’re here for the webmentions, in which case lets hug!), so I’m just going to say…


Haybrook IT yet again amazingly sponsored the two-day camp, and White October generously allowed us use of their offices, so we got to work whilst it was starting to rain.

I had kind of started getting Indieauth setup, so I didn’t have much to do on that side apart from authenticate with a few providers and fix the rel="me" links on my site. Speaking of which, I took the opportunity to implement the new design I’ve had sitting in my inbox for the last 2-3 years, and you’re looking at it!


I think I have them setup. This post will let us know…

Beverley got really super far and wrote a fantastic post about webmentions and face walls here!

Wall of Faces

This was a fab goal that many at the camp achieved (even when the second day was kindasorta rained off) but I haven’t touched on – I spent the time figuring out the hAtom format for posting content, how POSSE/PESOS might be setup, and generally implementing this site’s new design.

Oh! And I got the DERG (Double Exposure Random Generator) back up and running!

I’m well chuffed with a weekend well spent with others =)


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