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    lol I made my own component framework

    why did I do this (oh yeah because of the pandemic)

    This website is a playground for me, so I decided to rewrite my Blog Admin code to use Web Components. It worked, and I liked it! 🎉 But then I didn’t: writing HTML in JavaScript strings isn’t great. Why can’t we have both HTML and JavaScript defined in the same file and encapsulated separate from the rendered page?

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    I can write this from my phone

    And it is amazing

    But I don’t know if Markdown works in the subtitle 🤔

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    Class getters vs methods in vanilla JS

    when debugging them

    Using class getters is really easy with the help of TypeScript. Kinda makes me feel like I’m writing Ruby!

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    iPadOS cursor on the web

    just because it’s fun!

    Are Apple good at designing UIs (User Interfaces)? Should a touch device only be a touch device? Or is it time for more precision and control that doesn’t cost over £100 and isn’t a pencil?

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    Listening to all of my Spotify Starred playlist

    1,118 songs, 83 hrs 48 mins

    A month or two ago, I decided to embark on listening to every song in my ⭐️starred⭐️ playlist from most recent to the very first.

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    IndieWeb is seriously cool

    This weekend, the lovely and amazing Garrett put together an IndieWeb camp for two days, for free, in Oxford! He posted about it here: Day 1, and Day 2.

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    Double exposure random generator is back online!

    That’s right, it’s back!

    I’ve replaced with, which serves with CORS headers so the browser will let us play with and display the images through JavaScript.