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Fez tools


Use this to encode and decode the writing language in Fez. Input English to output Fezzish (or whatever the language is called!) or input Fezzish to output English.

The English is saved to localStorage so you can come back later and not lose your translations 🤗

The Fez language is written like Japanese: top to bottom, right to left. Whilst the vertically-written directional secrets in Fez are meant to be read with your head tilted to the right by 90°, I have decoded this text without any head-tilting. The decoding here can be confirmed by the "Quick brown fox…" text (spoiler lol sorry!).

Fez glyph set

Select a Fez glyph to add it's corresponding English letter to the end of the English text. Keyboard navigation works as expected, plus you can use the arrow keys to navigate, and Shift+Space will add a space, whilst Shift+Enter will add a newline.

Each Fez glyph has a title attribute with the English letter. U and V share the same Fez glyph, as do K and Q. If an input character is unknown, it will show

These are directional glyphs:

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