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👋 About

Henry is a Software Engineer, pianist, and photographer from Oxford, UK. He has full-stack skills, high attention to detail, and pushes for accessibility.

debugging and reading source code

Favourite tool:
multiple cursors (indispensable)

Current interest:
Web Components and the HTML Modules proposal

For fun:

💻 Skills

  • Golang 1.9 to 1.14
  • JavaScript && TypeScript
  • Google Cloud && AWS
  • Angular 7-9 && AngularJS && Svelte && Vue
  • NodeJS && Express && Gulp / Grunt && Webpack / Rollup
  • Ruby && Padrino

💌 Random posts

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  • Published – last updated

    lol I made my own component framework

    why did I do this (oh yeah because of the pandemic)

    This website is a playground for me, so I decided to rewrite my Blog Admin code to use Web Components. It worked, and I liked it! 🎉 But then I didn’t: writing HTML in JavaScript strings isn’t great. Why can’t we have both HTML and JavaScript defined in the same file and encapsulated separate from the rendered page?

  • Published

    Class getters vs methods in vanilla JS

    when debugging them

    Using class getters is really easy with the help of TypeScript. Kinda makes me feel like I’m writing Ruby!

  • Published

    Listening to all of my Spotify Starred playlist

    1,118 songs, 83 hrs 48 mins

    A month or two ago, I decided to embark on listening to every song in my ⭐️starred⭐️ playlist from most recent to the very first.

  • Published

    I can write this from my phone

    And it is amazing

    But I don’t know if Markdown works in the subtitle 🤔